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Faute de pouvoir commenter les articles car je n'y comprends pas grand chose, je vais commenter deux photos. Sur le deuxième article, on dirait carrément qu'Antonio a les yeux rivés sur la poitrine de Gabi Veryhappy . Quand à Gabi, je la trouve magnifique sur le dernier article de la page 2ainsi que sur le 1er de la page 3
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Jessy33 wrote:
Sur le deuxième article, on dirait carrément qu'Antonio a les yeux rivés sur la poitrine de Gabi Veryhappy

MDR Jessy ! Bien vu, je n'avais même pas remarqué... Ces articles sont très intéressants. Si je trouve le temps un de ces quatre, je les traduirai car cela vaut le coup d'être lu !! Cool
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Chat' TV Guide:

TV Guide : Priscilla Garita, Gabi Martinez on Sunset Beach, has also appeared on One Life to Live, All My Children, and As the World Turns. She also just starred in Bright Nights Dark Days. Thanks for coming.
Garita: Greetings from Priscilla. And I'm over at Shawn Batten's place, so greetings from her home!
Bernard_Michael: How does it compare working on East Coast Soaps (ATWT, OLTL, AMC) to West Coast Soaps (SB)?
Garita: Well, my experience with East Coast was very limited. But it's pretty much the same. Getting one episode done a day. It's generally the same. The lifestyle outside of the work environment is different obviously, because I'm in a different state.
sunsetgirl1402: Do you prefer playing Gabi when she's good or when she's bad?
Garita: BAD! Bad, bad. It's much more fun. The character is not Priscilla, so I get to live vicariously through Gabi. Where as when I'm good, it's more like me. Issues are more related to my personal life, and I get to work through them. But, being bad is more fun.
Bzaney: Do you prefer the day to day storylines, or the actions scenes such as Terror Island and the Tsunami storylines?
Garita: I really loved the Terror Island and tsunami stuff. It's great for me as an actor, because I get to be involved in things that I don't normally see. I get to do stunts, if they allow me to, as long as they're not too dangerous. But the whole development of the set is amazing, and seeing it build to completion is even more exciting. And the whole Terror Island thing was just fantastic. Hank, Shane and I, we did our own stunts during the tidal wave. I think that was 100 gallons of water being dumped on us in one shot. It was really terrifying, but really cool.
kittykat12345678910: Do you like kissing Antonio?
Garita: Why would I not like kissing this guy? Especially a cute guy! My friend Shawn, who plays Sara on the show, and Steve Lukather, from Toto got engaged last night! So, I'm here celebrating with them.
TV Guide: Tell us about the ring.
Garita: Oh, god the ring! It's like 3 carats plus. It's 3 1/2... emerald cut. It's gorgeous! You are some of the first people to find this out! I'm so excited!
Bzaney: Congratulations Shawn and Steve!
SBAnnieRlz: Who do you hang out with when you have time off and who is your closest friend from the show?
Garita: I think that answer is pretty obvious by now. It's Shawn. And I hang out with Shawn and Steve in their house out in the Hills. They told me that they have a guest house for me at their new place. I also like hanging out with Chrissie, we're trying to move in together, and Sherri Saun.
sun2rise: Are you going to be a bridesmaid at their wedding? Thanks for the scoop!
Garita: Shawn did tell me that if she got married I would be one of her bridesmaids. She'll make me wear green, because I hate green!
metkid1287: What are your hobbies?
Garita: I like travelling. Your regular movies and reading. Creative stuff. I like hanging out with people, taking day trips. I like new things. New things are exciting. Travelling is cool. My parents are from Costa Rica and they like to travel.
surfinsbchick: What kind of film is Bright Nights Dark Days?
Garita: That was a short, it was my first film ever. I did in Toronto, Canada in like 1996. It was the story of a East Indian girl. I was done up in the sari, the wedding dress, and I had the bendi done. The whole thing was beautiful. It was a sad story. It's a story about a girl who is about to get married. She starts to get flashbacks about when she was raped as a child. It's kind of ironic, because the same thing happened to Gabi on Sunset Beach.
JONNY54698: What primetime series would love to be on?
Garita: It would probably be a drama, NYPD Blue.
bev_hills99: What do you think of the show bringing back Maria from the "dead?" Are you friends with Christina in real life?
Garita: Yeah, we talk. We don't hang out outside of the soap. But, she's a nice person.
Bernard_Michael: I heard that you like to eat pizza at least once a week. What's your favorite topping? (From Bernard & Michael - former SB interns.)
Garita: MMMMMMMMM... sausage, pepperoni, garlic, spinach and onions. Carmalized onions.
Poogaly: I thought your short haircut was fantastic, it showed your beautiful face and conveyed that you were a strong woman. I used your pix to show my hairdresser what I wanted done to my hair. Anyway, I read that you hated it? No chance of getting it done that short again?
Garita: Never, I don't think. It was a very bold and difficult move for me. I can now say that I've tried it once in my life. I'm glad it worked out for you. But, for me personally, I prefer long hair. It's a security blanket for me.

Bzaney: I have heard rumors that another Scream-like storyline would be happening late summer. Is this true?
Garita: Oooo. Not that I'm aware of. But, I'd really like that. I like the more adventurous storylines. Even though we shoot during the day, we shoot it like a film. And it's more fun for the actors, and the directors I think, because it's different.
JONNY54698: Please don't leave Sunset Beach. I am hearing rumor's come February 2000 you won't re-sign.
Garita: Rumors, rumors! Don't believe rumors. I love my SB co-stars and everyone I work with. Write in, write in. I love my mail, so if you don't get the chance to send in your question now, please write me care of the show. It's one of my favorite parts about the job.
dsol1626: Who do you think Gabi truly loves?
Garita: Ricardo... and Antonio. But, Ricardo is my soul mate.
christy_f1s: What kind of music do you like?
Garita: Toto! I watch them a lot now live, which is really a treat for me. I get special access and front row tickets. I'm a rock and roll chick. But, I'm really open to anything. It depends on my mood. Alternative and some of the harder stuff. I have a lot of sisters, and that's what my older sisters listened to, so I guess it stuck with me.
Stephen_H_01: Do you know that Sunset Beach has cult status here in England, and does that surprise you?
Garita: It doesn't surprise me. I probably get the most fan mail, percentage wise from England. I wanted to visit this past summer, but I had to postpone because of business. It doesn't surprise me. I get so much mail, and I really enjoy that.
Bernard_Michael: How do you like the new opening of SB? Finally, Gabi gets an updated picture! (From Bernard)
Garita: I know! I fought the change, because I had difficulty with my short hair. But I like the new photo. I wish we could show the whole cast, instead of having two openings. But I think the new opening is the best for the actors. And I miss you guys! You were great!
xavier_blade: What's your favorite movie?
Garita: Godfather. Any De Niro or Pacino film. Or Meryl Streep. Sophie's Choice, very touching. Splendor in the Grass, with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. It changes every year, because I'm always trying to keep up with what's new and what artists are doing these days. So I guess it always changes.
twilso96: I like how you pronounce the Spanish words with the proper accent. Were you raised speaking Spanish?
Garita: Yes. My parents moved directly from Costa Rica to the US. I wish I could have used my Spanish more growing up, but my parents wanted to make sure that English was our first language. But we used both in the household. And I have to thank SB for not being afraid to have me speak Spanish on the show. It encourages people to learn a second language.
sun2rise: In the fan mail you receive, do you get more pro-Ric or pro-Tony?
Garita: I'd say 50-50. It's a tough one.
Amy_103_99: Is it hard keeping a straight face during all those serious scenes with Ricardo in the hospital?
Garita: Yes! Yes, yes! I love to giggle. Everyone who works with me knows that. And I'm always being scolded for it!
sun2rise: Who was responsible for mixing Spanish in the dialogue? Do you correct the writers in case they get it wrong?
Garita: Occasionally. Obviously the writers do their homework, but there is ad libbing. When I work with Margarita Cordova, we get to play a little bit more with our Spanish.
Bzaney: Can you cry on cue? That would be a plus considering how often they have Gabi cry.
Garita: Yeah. I've done it enough for them. I've cried on cue plenty of times. I'm kinda getting an aversion to it, because it's very emotionally draining. I can't do it 100%, but I've done it enough.
SONIA140: How can we get an autographed picture of you?
Garita: Write me c/o Sunset Beach, 3000 W. Alameda, NBC TV, Burbank, CA, 91523.
TV Guide: Thanks for chatting with us tonight Priscilla. Any words before you go tonight?
Garita: I had a great time. I'd love to do this again. And we'll update the picture. Thanks for sharing this special time and my special news. It was fun to do, and I only wish I could have answered more questions. I feel so bad!

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Naughty But Nice
By Jeffrey Epstein

Soap Opera News Magazine - 4/98

SUN's Priscilla Garita is glad viewers like her character, Gabi, better these days - but she wouldn't mind being a bad girl again

When Gabi Martinez first landed on Sunset Beach's sandy shores, beneath her milquetoast exterior was a girl out to destroy her half sister Paula's relationship with Ricardo Torres. But after wrongly accusing Ricardo of rape, Gabi broke down on the witness stand, realizing that, in fact, she was remembering that her father had raped her when she was a child.

Since then, audiences have found new respect for Gabi, who's in the midst of trying to build a serious relationship with Ricardo.

"I got a lot of response from the trial," says Priscilla Garita (Gabi). "It meant a lot to me because it says something about your work." An added bonus is that fans now speak to her without raising their voices in anger. "Before, they'd only use evil language," she admits. "They'd say, 'Can I have your autograph - but I hate you.' Now they look into my eyes and don't know what to say."

She credits her castmates with helping her make the naughty to nice transition. "Especially Sam Behrens (Gregory)," she emphasizes. "He was so giving and open and willing to allow me the space to do what I needed to do."

Garita also cites Hank Cheyne (Ricardo) as a terrific co-star. "I feel like we're brother and sister - which is strange because on camera, we're kissing and whatever," she giggles. "We don't really anaylze our scenes a lot because we already know. He does his homework and I do mine. We come in and it's like - boom! - let's just roll."

"if you throw the ball, she can catch and run with it," says Cheyne. "It's a pleasure to play with somebody like that."

While she enjoys playing the newly redeemed character, Garita admits: "It's definitely more fun being naughty! But the transition of the whole trial was my most exciting part as an actor because there was more for me to play with. Before, I'd have a scene here or there - it wasn't going in any real direction. I wasn't going to do anything real malicious to Paula."

"But I was able to extend myself during the trial. And Terror Island was fun. I love those moments when we can really play. That's all I want to do: play, play play!"

But there were downsides to the Terror Island storyline. For starters, her love interest, Mark (actor Nick Stabile) was murdered. "It was very hard losing Nick," says Garita. "I still miss him. He's a great actor. It wasn't just 'hurry up and get on stage and do your thing.' We'd get together in the dressing room and rehearse, which is exciting for an actor. Sometimes you forgo that here because you're running around. We'd always make a point to sit down and work through it."

Garita also vividly recalls a moment during Terror Island where she lost it so much that she feared they might make her the killer's next victim. "I was doing a scene with Susan Ward (Meg) and for some reason I got the giggles!" Garita explains. "I couldn't look Susan in the eye. I'd have to look off to the side or I'd start laughing. I was so bad! Gary (Tomlin, Executive Producer) was directing that day and I was like, 'I'm going to get fired!' After a while, everyone else was laughing. My shoulders were shaking. I had tears coming down."

When they called a break, Garita immediately pulled herself together. "I said, 'I can do this. Just give me a few minutes.' And I got through it."

Being a bit of a troublemaker has always been a part of Garita's makeup. She grew up in Ansonia, Conn., with five sisters and a dad who did his best to keep his daughters in line. "I was very innocent in my parents' eyes, but we did a lot of stuff behind the scenes that they weren't aware of," she confesses. Such as? "We used to sneak out at night and meet the boys down at the Ansonia Mall."

Though she always dreamed of being an actress, Garita got a marketing degree from the University of Connecticut. "I really wanted to be an actress but I didn't think my parents would accept that," she says. "I thought, well, I have to make them proud of me and make lots of money and I guess I'm good at math so I'll do marketing. And I hated it, I hated it, I hated it."

After graduation, she moved straight to New York City to pursue her acting dream. She soon landed several theatrical jobs, including one with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, and appeared at the Yale Repertory Theater in New Haven, Conn. Her first TV job was a Mennen Teen Spirit shampoo commercial, after which she got small roles on All My Children (she was the first Anita Santos) and As The World Turns as Rita, a bad girl she played for three days.

She was waitressing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manhattan when she got the news she'd won the role of Gabi. "As soon as I got this job, I called the Hard Rock and said, 'I'm resigning! I'm gone!'" she remembers.

Garita vividly recalls her audition for SUN in New York. "It was absolute madness," she confesses with a laugh. "I just went in and they said 'Perfect.' I went back a few hours later and put it on tape. They said 'Perfect. Don't change it!' I was like, 'Just tell me what I did!'"

Whatever she did, she did it right, and soon she was nicely nestled in Brentwood, near co-star Ward. "I don't know if I'm going to stay," she says of her neighborhood. "I love it near the water. I've been going to the beach a lot more, but I also love going to West Hollywood and the Hills. Brentwood can get really boring."

Brentwood may be the only thing boring about her life. "It's changed a lot in the last 12 months," Garita reflects. "I have a lot better perspective because it's not all new to me. Just like any job, you're aware of what to expect a little bit more."

One of the added bonuses of a steady gig is a steady paycheck - and Garita is determined to spend her earnings wisely. "It's not like I am going out and buying a great car or house, although I'll treat myself once in awhile," she says. "Or if my mom comes out to visit, I'll treat her to a massage."

In her downtime, Garita has been trying to spend her hours outdoors and catch up on her reading. "I'm trying to organize myself," she confesses, adding that the one place you won't find her lately is at the gym. "It's so damn hard to get to," says the actress, who's a remarkable size 0! "I'm so lazy out here."

She also enjoys spending time with her fellow castmates. "I hang out with Sherri (Vanessa) and Tim (Casey). We relate really well because we're all from the East Coast and made the transition around the same time. I've been up to Hank Cheyne's place a couple of times - I love it! I want to move in, but he's not letting me!"

"I wish she was a little bigger so she could lift heavier things on the ranch," jokes the happily married Cheyne.

Garita has also been going out on auditions when she can find the time. "I want to do film," she says. "Because of all the downtime on SUN, I get a little antsy. I'm a workaholic."

Her latin heritage - her parents are Costa Rican - makes Garita doubly employable. "I'm fluent in Spanish," she says, adding that it probably helped her land Gabi. "I wanted to make the character more authentic. I grew up speaking Spanish. When I get angry, I instinctively lash out in Spanish!"

While Gabi hasn't been lashing out lately, Garita wouldn't mind bringing her back to the naughty side. "Nice is like in real life - it can get boring after a while," she says. "You need some excitement."


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A Dash of Spice

By: Lauren Baier Kim

Soap Opera Digest Magazine. Dated: September 21, 1999

SUNSET BEACH's Priscilla Garita Relishes The Hot Role That's Put Her In Touch With Her Heritage

Sunset Beach's Priscilla (Gabi) Is in an enviable position, and she knows it. For months, she's had the good fortune to work literally lip-to-lip with studly actors Hank Cheyne (Ricardo) and Nick Kiriazis (Antonio), who, respectively, portray her character's husband and brother-in-law/priest/ex-lover.

"It's a woman's dream," grins Garita. "I never thought that I would be in this situation, to be in love with two men who are brothers and who are so attractive. Hank and Nick are easy to get along with, and they are very charming. It's an ideal storyline."

While the diminutive actress's sultry, front-burner storyline hasn't given her much time for a steamy love life of her own ("I'm not dating anybody right now," she concedes), Garita, who joined BEACH in February 1997, isn't complaining. "I still have my little problems or dilemmas," she shares, "but life has really turned out for the better because of this job." Read: no more living hand-to-mouth as Garita did before landing her BEACH gig. "I am more stable and more financially independent," she says. "I'm not struggling and doing odd jobs here and there." Which is why she's unnerved by the prospect of BEACH being all washed up. "There is constant talk about it getting cancelled," she signs, "which creates a lot of anxiety. Which is unfortunate because we have a really good show."

What's more, Gabi is one of the few Hispanic heroines on daytime TV. "My parents are so proud of it," gushes the actress, whose mom and dad reside in Costa Rica, (Mom faithfully tapes BEACH, which airs in Costa Rica five days a week.) "I get more in touch with my ethnicity doing this role," Garita reflects. "When things come up and I get to speak a little Spanish, I'm like, 'Wow! That's cool.'"

And good practice, too. "I spoke mostly English at home," notes Garita, the second youngest of six daughters. "My parents understood English, so I would just speak English to them. It's sad. In Spanish, there are so many words that I don't understand. My Spanish isn't as good as I would like it to be." Luckily, she has a tutor in co-star Margarita Cordova (Carmen). "If I don't understand, I'll ask Margarita," smiles Garita.

Strolling the streets of L.A. helps Garita get the language down, too. "There is a Mexican community in the city," she points out. "I like it there because there are so many things that are in Spanish, like the streets. So when I go through some of the streets, I'll pronounce them in Spanish because that's my first instinct. It's nice because I get to learn a little bit more."

Just The Facts

Birthday: March 15

Hails From: Connecticut

Alma Mater: University of Connecticut

A Little Extra: Garita worked as an extra on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and AS THE WORLD TURNS, and had a brief role on ALL MY CHILDREN (ex-Anita). On A Role: Gabi is Garita's first contract role Calculated Risk: "I was going to be an accountant, actually."

Breakfast of Champions: "I love rice and beans for breakfast."

Growing Pains: "I've been trying to grow my hair. With long hair, you don't have to primp, you don't have to blow dry it every day. When it's short, you have to style it. Otherwise, it looks like a mop."

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The Promised Land

By: Janet DiLauro

Soap Opera Weekly Magazine. Dated: September 1998

After a somewhat peripatetic live, Priscilla Garita is happy to be settled at Sunset Beach.

Emerging from her Sunset Beach dressing room makeup-free, Priscilla Garita doesn't exactly fit the classic image of the daytime vamp. Just 5 feet 2 inches tall with big, brown eyes, the actress looks more likely to be meandering the corridors of a high school than a soap opera studio. Perhaps that's why Sunset's makeup department went all out in creating Garita's seductive look when she first joined the show as Gabi Martinez, adorning her face with dark lipstick, heavy mascara and false eyelashes.

"Did you ever see Cabaret? Liza Mannelli?" Garita asks. "That's what I felt like. I just wasn't comfortable with the makeup. I felt like a kid playing dress-up." In time, she managed to convince the show to give her a more natural look, and a new Gabi was born, much to Garita's delight. "Before, I felt like the imitation of someone vs. the reality of someone." she adds. "Now I feel [like I'm playing] a real person."

With the new look came a cleverly executed storyline. After spitefully accusing Ricardo of rape, Gabi broke down on the witness stand to reveal that her father had sexually abused her as a child. "Everybody thought Gabi was just a little vamp up until that point. She was viewed in this very one-dimensional way." Garita says. "This was the first time people saw that she had a human side and sympathized with her. Before, people just thought she was this superficial thing."

"I was very happy to have material like that to explore," she adds. "That's what I'm here for. That's what I love about being an actress."

In many ways it seems like Garita was always destined for show business - particularly daytime. As a child, she watched soap operas with her mother. "I remember Rachel and Mac from Another World," she notes, adding that she dreamed of portraying Susan Lucci's (Erica) daughter on All My Children. "But I never even got to audition for the part," she says with a frustrated sign. "Sarah Michelle Geller got it. And look what it did for her."

Garita's aspirations emerged in her teens after some difficult adjustments during adolescence. She grew up in "a very big, very close, Spanish family," she says proudly, noting that it consists of five sisters and a half brother from a relationship in her father's past. "My mother, father and three eldest sisters were born in Costa Rica. Then, my parents came out to the land of promise. They moved to New York and had the three younger kids."

Soon after, they relocated to Connecticut. "My parents did go back to Costa Rica twice," Garita says, recalling the second time as the most traumatic for her. "I was 13, so it was very hard for me to move. I would cry into my pillow every night. I cried so badly that I broke blood vessels in my face. I hated living there. I was at an age where I had already made all my best friends," she adds. "I remember that I would write them 20 to 25 page letters. I'd mail them in big manila envelopes. And they would write back as much as I would write them. We'd write about soap operas. My girlfriends used to keep me up-to-date on what was going on. It was such a girlie thing, and it kept me in touch with home."

Garita was thrilled when the family returned to Connecticut - where they still reside - despite the fact that it meant having to deal with prejudice. "The word 'spic' was a big thing; it was used a lot. So that was really hard," she admits. "Some people didn't respond well to having a Spanish family with six kids running around their neighborhood. They felt superior because my parents couldn't speak English that well."

Garita concedes that the situation was painful. "I grew up hiding a lot of that," she says, "not realizing that I was embarrassed about certain things. But as I got older and wiser, I realized that my mom and dad spoke two languages, whereas those people only spoke one. And my parents were supporting this big family. They came from another country, traveled here. That was a big risk."

Perhaps that's where Garita got the tenacity she needed to pursue her acting dream. She was first introduced to the business in high school. One of her sister's friends suggested she go to a local modeling agency. "Petite modeling," Garita emphasizes, with a laugh. However, it was an acting class offered there that really piqued her interest. "It was just one session," she says. But I loved it."

Garita pursued acting as an elective in college "and continued taking classes," she says. "I think my parents knew (the career direction) I was headed in, although I didn't talk that much about it. I was always a big parent-pleaser growing up. I got good grades. I was great in math. I thought I was going to go to school, be an accountant, and make lots of money. Then I'd buy my dad the boat he's always wanted, get a house, and have my 2.5 kids. I thought that's what I was supposed to do. But the creative part of me came to the realization that it wasn't going to happen that way."

She still remembers the day she went into her parents' bedroom and delivered that news. "I said: 'I'm going to finish college, get my marketing degree and move to New York. I'll do it all on my own. If I don't succeed, I will try something else. But I have to try [to act].' My dad said, 'If that's what you want to do, go do it.'"

Garita got an apartment in New York and began studying at the William Esper Studio. She supported herself with waitressing, an occasional hand-modeling job, and extra work on One Life to Live. The latter proved to be an invaluable experience. "I learned a lot - all about sets, the three walls, the cameras - and watched other actors. I used to love to watch Erika Slezak (Viki)," she says, still savoring those moments.

After a year, Garita decided to stop settling for extra work "That's when she landed a stint as Anita Santos, Maria and Julia's sister on AMC. "Two auditions for AW followed - first the role of Angela Corelli then the more pivotal Sofia. "I really felt that was it," she says of the part. "It was my second time auditioning for the show. Plus, I knew Joseph Barbara [who plays Sofia's big brother, Joe]." The role went to Dahila Salem, an outcome Garita describes as her "first real crush."

But she bounced back with roles in a play (Pentagon at Yale University), a short film (Bright Nights, Bright Days) and a three-day gig on As the World Turns that holds special significance. "It was the first thing I got that wasn't titled 'Spanish' or 'Italian' or anything," Garita says, noting that because of her name she was often bypassed by casting directors when it came to nonethnic roles.

Nonetheless, Garita never considered a name change. "I just wasn't comfortable with that. Besides, [using my real name professionally] is an honor to my parents," she says. "They're so proud right now."

Garita's birth name was a definite asset when she began auditioning for Sunset's Gabi. However, another force was working against her. "When my agent finally submitted my photo, they weren't even going to see me," she admits. "The casting director thought I wasn't going to be right for the part. Luckily my agent really pushed for it."

Garita ended up nailing the role and her dream in becoming a contract star on a soap. However, she did have to wait three months between landing the job and actually starting work. "The good thing is I was able to spend the holidays [on the East Coast] with my family," she explains. "The bad part is I started having doubts. All these negative ideas started festering in my head - 'Are they deciding whether or not they're going to use me? Are they going to write me out?'"

The worrying proved needless. Gabi arrived in Sunset Beach with a vengeance, much like Garita arrived in California - ready to tackle her new life. "I got everything in one weekend. I got a car, I rented an apartment," she says, noting that her mother was right beside her. "She helped me unpack everything. My parents have been very good about being there when I need them. My mom made four trips to Los Angeles last year. My dad came out, too."

Garita can't imagine it any other way. She always has reached out to her parents. "All my life, any time I made a move I would go back to them, ask for their help. I guess I'm not as independent as I thought." she says with a grin.

Now that she's living across the country from her folks, Garita gets lots of comfort and guidance from her Sunset family. She cites Hank Cheyne (Ricardo) and his wife, Missy Hughes (ex-Sara, AW) at the top of the list. "They take care of me. They're there for me," she maintains. As are real-life couple Sherri Saum and Timothy Adams (Vanessa and Casey). "They've been very embracing. I'll go to the movies with them, or we'll just hang out. I do feel like I'm the third wheel sometimes," the single actress concludes with a laugh, "but at the same time, I don't want to not accept their invitations. They're so genuine."

Both couples' love and support have greatly helped Garita cope with the loneliness and homesickness she felt after moving to Los Angeles last year. I felt the struggle much more," Garita says, adding that those feelings have since subsided. "Besides, everybody in my family wants to come visit me. They all want to come out to California. I'm like 'Great!" I mean, if everybody wants to come out here, I must be living in a really cool place."

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Same Place, Different Time

By Matthew Miles Grayson
Soaps In Depth Magazine

Dated: October 27, 1998

Priscilla Garita - and her reborn heroine, Gabi - marvel, "What a difference a year makes!"


Birthday: March 15

Hometown: Ansonia, Conneticut

Bookworm: "Currently, I am reading Fanny and Zoey by J.D. Salinger, which I borrowed from Shawn Batten (Sara). Growing up I was never into reading. But I've become one of those people who is reading five books at once.

Why she looks so fit: Yoga and stretching is really good for you. I love to run, too. Not only is it healthy, it helps to relieve steam."

Tips for everlasting friendship: "Listening is really important. Also, being respectful and keeping a secret if someone asks you to."

When vixen Gabi Martinez hit Sunset Beach way back when, she made the quake that just shook the city seem like the gentle rumbling of a subway. She was hell-bent on ruining the life of her half-sister she had never known, even if that meant dragging down a few even-more-innocent bystanders in the process. In fact, it was only last fall that grabby Gabi was testifying against her half-sister's fiance, Ricardo, accusing him of rape. "Gabi was desperate," explains her portrayer, Priscilla Garita. "Desperate for love. The only way she knew how to get it was by conniving and manipulating."

But boy, have things ever changed. A year later, Gabi has gotten her man - unbelievably, Ricardo - by loving, not scheming. During the infamous rape trial, her repressed memories of being sexually abused by her father surfaced - and all of Sunset's impression of her gradually began to change, rightly, for the better. "Everything Gabi did to Paula was her way of getting back at her for the things her father did," Garita explains. "Even though Paula wasn't responsible, Gabi put it all on her."

And though Gabi came off like a vamp, she was really pretty naive. "Other than Gabi's father raping her, Ricardo was the only person she slept with," Garita says. "She really had fallen for Ricardo and afterward [the tryst], it destroyed her when Ricardo told her that she meant nothing to him. Then things just escalated before she really had a chance to stand back and evaluate them."

Today, Gabi is a new woman. Now aware of the truth about her painful past, she has tried to move forward, honestly. "Mark was a big factor in helping her," Garita says. "He taught her to be honest and be true to herself."

As a result of her late pal's friendship, Gabi at last is enjoying a taste of true love for the first time - with Ricardo.

A World To Call Her Own

Since landing her SUN role in 1997, Garita has gone through some changes too - though thankfully they haven't been nearly as cataclysmic as the ones Gabi has suffered. The actress - who briefly originated the role of Maria Santos on the Manhattan-based ALL MY CHILDREN - moved from New York City to Los Angeles and, much like Gabi, felt like a fish out of water. "It was a hard adjustment that first year," she allows. "I am not going to lie, I cried a lot."

"But," she adds, "my mom came out a lot last year, which made it easier for me."

Garita still is going through alterations to her life: In July, her parents moved to their native Costa Rica. "I used to speak with my mother all the time," she says. "She kept me up with the rest of my sisters. But now we talk only once every two weeks. It's been sad. But it was a good move for them. So I am happy for them."

Like Gabi, Garita has gotten by in trying times with a little bit of help from friends. "I can now call Los Angeles my home," she says happily. "I have good friends here, most fo whom are on SUN - like Shawn Batten (Sara), Tim Adams (Casey), Sherri Saum (Vanessa), and Hank Cheyne (Ricardo) and his wife, Missy.

"It's great," she elaborates, "because we don't necessarily talk shop all the time, but we understand what our work life is like."

A Love Triangle In The Making

Garita certainly loves her job. SUN currently seems to be moving toward a triangle between Gabi, her true love, Ricardo, and his brother, Father Antonio. "Ricardo was a big factor in her transformation," says Garita. "The fact that he believed in her and was willing to help her get through the revelations of being raped by her father was so important to her."

On the other hand..."Father Antonio is this angelic figure who has come into her life," Garita observes. "She deeply respects him for living a life that is nothing but goodness. In fact, that inspired her to be a better person."

So, what about Antonio's x-rated dreams? Does Garita think that Gabi would ever reach for that forbidden fruit? "For now, Gabi only has eyes for Ricardo," she says. "He is Gabi's first love. But you never know - anything is possible."

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Priscilla Garita

Yahoo! Chat

June 1, 1998

SODhost: Priscilla Garita (Gabi, Sunset Beach) is here! Welcome, Priscilla!

PRISCILLA GARITA: Hi! I really don't know how to introduce myself, this is my first time doing a chat on the phone. I did a chat once before at our Sunset Beach Pre-Emmy Party, for about 5 minutes. This is interesting for me... odd.

KaraLee_319 asks: Hi Priscilla! What is the best part about being on Sunset Beach?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Hmmm... the best part has to be the people that I work with.

TheJavaWeb asks: What was it like working with Nick Stabile [ex-Mark] and do you miss working with him?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Aw... I miss Nick so much! Working with him was a real pleasure. We just had fun all the time. I miss working with him & rehearsing with him & hanging out with him... He's just a really cool person. He was so giving, always willing to try new ideas during a scene, always making me laugh... That's not too hard to do, though, LOL. He always made me feel good, you know? Just a great guy, a good friend. Put me in my place a couple of times, LOL.

Ambbie asks: Hi, do you plan to do other projects besides Sunset Beach?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Well, if I had the opportunity to, definitely. I don't have anything planned right now, but I am definitely looking for projects to work on while doing the show. My next thrill would be to do a film... that would be exciting.

Beachpie asks: Who is the biggest jokester on the set?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Hmmm....Eddie Cibrian [Cole] is a big joker... Tim Adams [Casey] is always joking around, making me laugh. And you know who's funny... I'm not working with her, but in hair & makeup [I see] Jessica Tuck [Diane] who is not on contract. She would come in with a joke everyday! She made people laugh.

KaraLee_319 asks: What do you think will happen to Ricardo and Gabi?

PRISCILLA GARITA: I can't foretell the future... I don't know! I wish I did. Taking it one day at a time right now. Hopefully it's all good stuff!

SunsetBeachLover asks: Did U prefer being 'evil'?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Absolutely! It's exciting, you get to do things you're not allowed to do in everyday life. Since it was something that is not like my personality in real life, it was fun to explore how to be all those evil things. And also, it made the people who know me kind of question what was going on, LOL!

Beachpie asks: Do you miss working with Laura Harring [Paula] and Leigh Taylor-Young [Elaine]?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Oh, I do! I have spoken with Leigh a couple of times, she was just a good spirit. Her presence on the show, just knowing her & meeting her was a real honor. I had my first scenes on the show with her. My mom knew her from Peyton Place, I think. To work with such a well-established actress was just such a learning experience. And Laura I miss. You know, it's strange to have someone you call your sister, even if it was a half-sister, because in real-life it means so much. We didn't have much time to explore that. I missed the opportunity to explore that on the show, but I am happy to have had that little taste of that, where I could have not had it at all.

Garfield_25541 asks: are you happy with your character being changed from bad girl to good girl

PRISCILLA GARITA: Hmmm... the transition has been fun, but I am exploring a different part of the character with turning good, because making that transition from bad to good is... how do i want to phrase this?... I'm tapping into a vulnerability in the goodness, which I hadn't experienced before when I was bad. So I guess it's the vulnerability that I am enjoying.

KaraLee_319 asks: Will Paula return to the show?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Not that I am aware of, but you never know these days. There are other fortune tellers called producers and writers... you'd have to ask them! lol

Jason2628 asks: hi Priscilla, I watch SB regularly,do they let you choose what you want to wear?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Sometimes, if I'm not happy with the outfit in fitting in with what my day is, I'll ask them to change it. Or sometimes I'll mix & match a skirt & shirt, to fit the mood of the character that day. But usually they're good about doing stuff that is well related.

TheOtherSpice asks: Who would you like to see Gabi with: Antonio or Ricardo?

PRISCILLA GARITA: LOL! At this stage right now... I can't think about a relationship, it's too heavy right now. It's a lot to deal with... men are a big responsibility. I don't know. But they're both fun! I could toss a coin & be happy if I had heads or tails! They're both cute! It's not hard to look at either of those guys & come to work!

Meganguest_18a043073 asks: What is the biggest difference between you and Gabi?

PRISCILLA GARITA: I guess the aggressiveness of gabi is something I wish priscilla had. Aggressiveness in getting what I want, or in speaking my mind... her strength. Although I guess I do have some strengths, Priscilla does... just never enough!

SuPa_fLy84 asks: r u married

PRISCILLA GARITA: No. No, thanks! LOL Not at this point in my life!

Beachpie asks: Does Gabi still work at the Deep?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Part-time, I do. Well, you haven't seen me work, but I've been working, darnit!

Holly153 asks: i think that you are such a good actress!!! How did you first get into acting?

PRISCILLA GARITA: That would be when I was in high school, I was attending a modeling school & they had a class which was in front of the camera, so it wasn't just modeling, it was trying your face in front of the camera. And I really enjoyed that part. I just felt like I was using more intellect & communicating. It was my first connection to what the business was like: people behind the camera, in front of the camera. Then I took another class outside of that school, more for acting... actually commercial & soap acting.

KaraLee_319 asks: Who do you see as a mentor or role model?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Actress-wise, people like Meryl Streep, Katharine Hepburn, haven't seen all of Natalie Wood's movies but she is someone my interest is peaked in. Who else? Jodie Foster, love her. I love Jennifer Jason Leigh's work. Sally Field. You see, now you got me going! There are a lot of great female actresses that we can look up to & aspire to do their kind of work

Angelaguest_5a042832 asks: Who is your best friend on the show?

PRISCILLA GARITA: As Priscilla, Sherri [Saum, Vanessa] has been probably my closest friend on the show. you know, girl-to-girl. We're girls when we're together, really girls.

NotRoebuck asks: Priscilla Burbank Poetry Lady says hi. - Love the new direction of your character. Do you see yourself as a Paula replacement on the force?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Well, I don't think I'm a paula replacement... I could definitely see myself working on the police force... We're totally 2 different people. Being a detective would be cool. Ricardo & Gabi would be a good team, which I have mentioned, probably in the script out loud.

TheJavaWeb asks: Where are you originally from?

PRISCILLA GARITA: I was born in Yonkers, New York, but I grew up in Connecticut. Then I moved back to New York for about 5 or 6 years. And I lived in Costa Rica for about six months. and now I'm here.

Kellyguest_2da0524 asks: What do you think about watching yourself on tv?

PRISCILLA GARITA: It's tough to not feel uncomfortable or be overly critical, but it's really helpful to watch the performance to get a sense of if I'm headed in the right direction or I'm really expressing what Gabi is feeling.

TheJavaWeb asks: Priscilla is a cute name, were you named after someone?


Kimberly_Wimberly_Bimberly asks: Priscilla Presley?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Ding, ding, ding! You're right! My Mom & Dad named all their children after artists of some kind -- actors, I believe one was a ballet dancer -- or someone special in the family.

KaraLee_319 asks: What is your favorite storyline from Sunset Beach so far?

PRISCILLA GARITA: I guess Terror Island, that was the most exciting, I thought. It seemed like we were really living it.

Jensenacklesbabe asks: Do you think Gabi is over Mark's death? PRISCILLA GARITA: No, that's all too soon. It's only been 5 months, going on my 6th month of losing my best friend... I don't think I'm over it yet.

Rcaden asks: Your Terror Island scenes with Nick Stabile were heart-breaking. Is that kind of on-screen chemistry hard work to pull off?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Sure, it can be, but the fact that Nick & I had such a good relationship didn't make it hard, made it kind of easy. I don't want to make [it sound like] it was nothing... very natural.

KaraLee_319 asks: What do you think is the ultimate flaw in your character, Gabi?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Anger & fear have to be the traits that are my deadliest.

Meganguest_18a043073 asks: Do you reply to the letters that you receive from your fans?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Yes, I try and send an 8 x 10 and a cover letter, but I can't really respond on an individual basis because I am lucky enough to get a lot of letters from fans, it requires a lot of time.

RAGGEDANDY1998 asks: Is Gabi falling for Father Antonio?

PRISCILLA GARITA: LOL How could you not? He's an honest man, a good honest man!

Jason2628 asks: Priscilla have you ever had the chance to meet Aaron Spelling?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Briefly at a celebration we had for Sunset. He was there & I quickly introduced myself. I didn't have the opportunity to attend the session, there was a cast meeting in Aaron's office when the show first began. Since my character didn't start for another month, I hadn't been flown out yet. So I was still a mystery, as everyone was to me.

_JEN_1998 asks: Priscilla- Why did Mark leave?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Well, first of all, Mark was killed by a horrible man. I can tell you that, if I knew I could have fixed it. It was a shock & disappointment to me, as I'm sure it was to you.

___Mine___ asks: now with being a star comes star power, so what benificial ways have you used your star power?(charity work etc.)

PRISCILLA GARITA: I have attended functions, which have been nice, that I have either been invited to or been made aware of by our publicist at Sunset. That's a real perk, it adds dimension to the work, to be able to help people. As for as star power, that sounds like a funny term, but the perks of being an actress that is working is the accessibility to functions like fundraisers... being invited, more opportunities.

KaraLee_319 asks: What would you like to see happen with Gabi?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Well, I think she has had a lot of intense life experiences in the last 6-8 months, & I'd like to see some revelation or a growth spurt of some sort, some awareness on a deeper level of what life is about.

Aprilrogers asks: Do you watch any soaps in your spare time??

PRISCILLA GARITA: I flick on Another World every so often, I know a couple of people on there and I like to touch base with them, even by watching. Days I was never familiar with... but when I get to I watch AW & definitely our show, and sometimes catch the last 1/2 hour of Days.

Beachpie asks: What did you think of the whole Terror Island Storyline? You did great during that time and still are.

PRISCILLA GARITA: Like I said before, I had a blast working with all the cast & crew. It was exhausting, the hours were long, and because of the text, there was a lot of drama, it was very physically draining. Being together for so many hours lent a reality to it, and I think it made us all closer. I had a great time working.

Hawke_088 asks: What is your favorite color(s)?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Purple, I guess. It used to be blue growing up, then I changed to lilac... I don't really have a real favorite, favorite now, but I do like colors.

GUIDO9821 asks: Are you aware of the fact that the show is to be seen in many countries all over the world?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Yes! I know that we have great international support, & that's a plus in all our favor.

RAGGEDANDY1998 asks: How close are Gabi and Cole on the show?

PRISCILLA GARITA: We're not strangers, we're not very close family, but we're friends & we have a connection that we're both aware of. I think we're honoring that connection & helping each other out, in our recent scenes together. (Connection: Paula is our half-sister, but we're not siblings.)

GabiNo1Fan asks: usually, how many hours per day, days per week, etc. do you usually work? how often do you get breaks to travel and visit friends or relatives or just sleep?

PRISCILLA GARITA: Well, for me, with Gabi, since she's not at the frontburner in storylines, I have a nice, lax schedule. I might work 2-3 days on average, my days are not long, I work 4-8 hours. the woman who schedules our hours is wonderful about getting me in at a reasonable hour & getting stuff done. Visiting family I have been fortunate, but things always come up, I am always pressed for time. I was fortunate, recently I was able to take 4 days to go see a friend who wasn't really doing well. It was last minute but I didn't really need to ask for any days off.

Aderkeler asks: is it true that sb is going to go off the air in september, please say this is not true because i love the show and the stories are great, and the acting is wonderful, especially yours *s*

PRISCILLA GARITA: Well, that's news to me, I haven't heard that one yet! I hope it's not true, & let's not start that rumor! We're just getting somewhere.

Dustie_Moon asks: What's in store for Gabi this summer?


SODhost: Thanks, Priscilla! And thank you all for joining us!

PRISCILLA GARITA: Thanks for making my first experience online so easy. Keep cheering us on, keep watching, keep chatting with us, keep spreading the name. Your support is definitely embraced.

Chat transcripts provided by Soap Opera Digest Online

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Nick Kiriazis Chat
By: Entertainment Drive
Dated: April 30, 1998

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Hello Beach Fans!!! Welcome each and every one of you to Entertainment Drive's celebrity chat with Sunset Beach's Nick Kiriazis! Make sure you stop by our weekly Sunset Beach Chat every Wednesday night at 10:00PM ET! Be sure to visit our eDrive message boards, and post your comments in the Sunset Beach topic section!

Now on to some questions!

QUESTION: Any hints, a tiny morsel, anything on Antonio's secrets? Come on, give us something to gnaw on!!

Nick Kiriazis Well actually, the actors are usually the last ones to know about those secrets... at least in this case, unfortunately!

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Oh Nick are you holding out on us?

QUESTION: If you were going to write your life story, what title would best describe it?

Nick Kiriazis "Looking For Answers"

QUESTION: Nick: I want you to know that I think Antonio is a great character to add to Sunset Beach, and I couldn't see anyone more fit for the role. I also have noticed you and Hank Cheyne (Ricardo) look a bit alike. Do you think that was considered?

Nick Kiriazis Yeah, it is always a consideration when casting, and the characters are going to be playing together, that they physically match up.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps It is uncanny!

QUESTION: Have you been a victim of a prank yet on the set?

Nick Kiriazis Well Hank Cheyne will always poke fun at me or something, if I screw up or something comes out garbled, he will say something like "easy for you to say".... I've been the brunt of a few of his jokes.

QUESTION: Are you married? We haven't heard much about you Happy

Nick Kiriazis No, I'm not married.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps A huge sigh of relief came from the room I am sure!

Lynn B. Yeah, like any of us had any chances!!

Elissa Can I marry him? LOL

Nick Kiriazis (laughs)

QUESTION: Do you find it hard to portray a priest?

Nick Kiriazis At times it can be difficult. I've done a certain amount of research to better portray a priest, but actually in some ways it gives you some freedom to play someone with "status."

QUESTION: Would you like to see Antonio leave the priesthood to start a relationship with Gabi?

Nick Kiriazis Not necessarily.. I would like to see Antonio face conflict, serious conflict.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps I agree

QUESTION: Who is your role model?

Nick Kiriazis My parents, certain teachers in college.

QUESTION: Was it harder to come on to the set a year after the show started, or were you pretty much accepted by the cast?

SarahM Look he's speechless 'cause of me!

Nick Kiriazis It's always harder to come into a show when it's in progress, although in this instance it's pretty easy. Everybody at Sunset Beach has made it easy for me to assimilate -- much easier than other experiences.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps They seem like a very friendly cast.

Lynn B. Oh, come on, do tell, which other show was mean to you?

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Lynn going for the dirt I see!

Lynn B. Always!!! I'm Queen of CyberSpace

Elissa I'm queen of SB, lol

QUESTION: What did you find so interesting about the character of Nora from A Doll's House (a great story)Re: 5/12 issue of SPW.

Nick Kiriazis Oh wow -- well, Nora is just a very strong, independent woman who is fed up with the boundaries that are set for her by society. At the time that was written, it was a very controversial character. And there are so many levels to the character, I think it would be a demanding, interesting role to play.

evans37I WOWED him

Elissa He seems very nice, I am enjoying this chat much more than the Susan Ward and Clive one.

QUESTION: What does it feel like to be the new kid on the block?

Nick Kiriazis I don't even feel like a new kid anymore, honestly. There are even newer characters.. I almost feel like a Sunset Beach veteran!

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps LOL

Lynn B. Well, we the audience sure accepted you quickly!!!

evans37 What's not to accept he is gorgeous

Elissa My puppy is here for the chat, she loves him too Happy

QUESTION: If you could work with any actor/actress who would it be?

Nick Kiriazis I'd love to work with DeNiro.. there's so many, I can't even think of them.. Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Jessica Lange.. any good actor or actress.

QUESTION: What is it like working with Sam Behrens?

Nick Kiriazis I enjoy working with Sam, he's a professional. He's right there in the scene with you, he's easy to act with because you can react off of him. He's a pleasure to work with.

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsGregory certainly needs Antonio's help!!

QUESTION: As an actor, is soaps easy to work on than other acting? Do you have any tips for us "aspiring" actors??

Nick Kiriazis I don't know if Soaps are necessarily harder or easier, really. They're harder in that their time restraints make it difficult, and the material is more difficult, a certain amount of reality.. so it's challenging, especially if you're not used to working in those restraints.

QUESTION: How old were you when you got into acting? Did you model?

Nick Kiriazis I did a little bit of print work when I was 15, but then I didn't get into acting until I was 20.

QUESTION: Do you think Antonio will be the one to solve the mystery ?

Nick Kiriazis I wouldn't have it any other way..

evans37Damn he still must of been hot back then!

QUESTION: I recently read in a magazine that you sing! What styles of music do you like to sing?? What is your favorite song to sing?? Will we ever hear you sing on Sunset Beach??

Nick Kiriazis I like to sing the Beatles in the shower.. you will never get to see me sing!

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsOh come on!! I am sure Antonio will have to take a shower some time!!

evans37He can do a duet with Bette!

Hannisesb LMAO!! Yeah Bette!!

BzaneyWhat is it with the guys on SB they only sing in the shower?

Hannisesb They should show shower scenes... *sigh*

QUESTION:Who is the sets biggest jokester? Who is the most serious?

Nick Kiriazis Sam and Tim are the biggest jokers.. Clive is pretty serious, but he jokes around too. Leslie Ann is pretty serious.

QUESTION: The other day the viewers saw a fantasy of Derek's when he was marrying Meg and Ben showed up, and Antonio said, "Don't look at me, I'm just the priest". Do you enjoy the humorous lines on Sunset Beach, or do you enjoy the serious part?

Nick Kiriazis I enjoy both.

QUESTION:Is SB your first role?

Nick Kiriazis I did 5 episodes of 90210, and guest spots on The Nanny, George & Leo, Wings.. and a small part in "Tin Cup".

QUESTION: Who do you generally hang out with from the cast?

Nick Kiriazis I've gone out with Dax, and with Vanessa.

Elissa I think I'm going to start a page on him, he's really nice

BzaneyYes he is

QUESTION: Are you going to be attending the Emmy's on May 15th? and if so is there any possible way that you can set aside some time for your fans to meet you?

Nick Kiriazis I'm going to the Emmys.

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsYou guys are asking some great questions!! Keep them coming!

QUESTION:It must have been funny taping the confession before Cole and Caitlin's wedding? (I could not stop laughing)

Nick Kiriazis Yeah, the confessions were fun!

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps They were hysterical!!

QUESTION: Who if anyone do you share a dressing room with?

Nick Kiriazis I don't share a dressing room.

Lynn B. Would you like a dressing room mate, we have a few volunteers!

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsDown Lynn down!!

Lynn B. Not me, I just know that there are quite a few volunteers!!!

evans37 I won't mind sharing with him!

QUESTION: I have the website: The Men of Sunset Beach. Have you seen it?

Nick Kiriazis No, because I don't have a computer. But when I do get one I'll be sure to log on, Elissa.

QUESTION: Where would you like to see your career in 5, 10 years?

Nick Kiriazis I'd like to be working in films.

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsAnd we would like to see you on the silver screen! Wouldn't we?

QUESTION:What type of music do you listen to?

Nick Kiriazis I listen to all different types of music.. I listen to old rock, new rock, rap, classical.

Elissa He has to be the nicest celebrity

SarahM Yeah he seems like a sweet guy

Bzaney He likes the Beatles

bk6662 Elissa - Maybe you should ask him out!!!

SarahMI watch the credits just to see Antonio!!

QUESTION: In feature films, would you prefer to play the leading man roles, or character actor type of parts?

Nick Kiriazis That would depend on the role.

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsSo you prefer a role of substance no matter how large or small

QUESTION: Do you keep up with any of the other storylines on the show?

Nick Kiriazis Yeah, sure -- I try to keep up with all of them.

QUESTION: Is it a shock, the huge fan response to you already?

Nick Kiriazis Yes it is! I can't believe how loyal soap fans are.

QUESTION: Do you have any pets?

Nick Kiriazis No, but I wish I could have a dog.

QUESTION: What is it like to work with Kathleen Noone?

Nick Kiriazis I don't get to work with Kathleen that often, but she's fun to work with because she ad libs a lot.

HannisesbOh my goodness

QUESTION: What are your typical work hours? How many days of the week do you usually work?

Nick Kiriazis Well it depends, each week is different. I work anywhere from one to five days a week, and anywhere from 4 to 12 hours a day.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps That means more Antonio!!!! And we like that !

QUESTION: Did you watch any soaps before joining SB?

Nick KiriazisI watched a little bit of Sunset Beach, because my friend Nick Stabile was on the show, but before that I used to watch General Hospital in high school.

Lynn B. Oh, a friend of Nick!!! He made a lot of people sad when he was killed off!

QUESTION: Do you like the rate of your storyline, or would you like to be on the top burner and be THE Storyline everyone is watching?

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsI know what we would like huh ladies????

Nick Kiriazis Sure, I would like to have more of a storyline, but I like what I'm given just fine.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps And we know there are secrets to be exposed!! So I am sure you will be frontburner soon!

Lynn B.Secrets! Secrets!!!

BzaneyI loved the scene with Bette and Antonio today

SarahMIsn't it soooooooo cute when Antonio rolls his eyes??

evans37I did too

QUESTION: How did you land the part on Sunset Beach?

Nick Kiriazis I screen tested for another show, and it caught the attention of Spelling Entertainment.

QUESTION: What is your favorite TV show?

Nick Kiriazis Dennis Miller Live.

QUESTION: Is this your first on-line chat How do you like it so far?

Nick Kiriazis Yes, it's my first on-line chat and so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it! :-)

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps We are glad to have you here tonight!!!

evans37 This is the best chat I have ever been to. Thank you for being here!!

Lynn B.Ready to come back for more Nick, maybe when all of Antonio's secret are coming out!

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps For sure we want the scoop first!!!

QUESTION: Nick what part of the country are you from?

Nick Kiriazis I'm from New York. Born in Madison, Wisconsin and grew up on Long Island, New York.

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsA Midwest East coast type of boy-Good mix

QUESTION: Is there any juicy tidbits you can tell about your castmates?

Nick Kiriazis I wouldn't do that... ;-)

Lynn B.Oh, come on...just a little...It can be positive tidbits or negative....We promise, we wont' tell anyone!!!

Elissa How many secrets can a priest have?

SBPubHave you watched the news lately? Priests have all the secrets

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps The whole room is begging for something!!!

evans37 I like gossip! We won't tell anyone, won't we?

Maddie I love him too

Cathy McCabeIt will be our little secrets.

SarahM Yes.....I promise (hee hee hee)

QUESTION: Would you like to see Maria come back from the dead?

Nick Kiriazis Yes. Who knows, she might not even be dead..

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Is this a hint?????

Lynn B. No, she must remain dead!!!!!! But was that a "tidbit"?

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Boy Nick you are a tough cookie ! LOL

QUESTION: What possible future stories would you see your character in?

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Good question!

Nick Kiriazis With this great cast,I'd be happy with any storyline where Antonio is faced with moral dilemma.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps And that can be juicy!

QUESTION: How does California compare to New York?

Nick Kiriazis The weather is a lot nicer.. but I miss the diversity of New York.

Cathy McCabe There no place like New York.

QUESTION: Do you enjoy doing the beach scenes?

Lynn B. We enjoy the beach scenes!!

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Especially the surf scene!

Elissa I enjoyed his topless scene!!

Bzaney Me too.

Cathy McCabe We realllly enjoy the beach scenes

Nick Kiriazis I enjoy doing location scenes because it's something different -- you're out of the studio, the beach is beautiful, there's an element of realism.

QUESTION: I am making a page on you, anywhere I can get photos of you?

Nick Kiriazis If you write to me, I'll send you a photo.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Get ready for a lot of letters !

SarahM I'm writing!!!!! Right now!!!!

Bzaney LOL, me too

Cathy McCabeRUN, hurry

SarahM "Dear Nick....."

bk6662 A signed photo I hope.....

Cathy McCabeWill he deliver it??

QUESTION: Do you have any upcoming roles other than SB?

Nick Kiriazis Not at the moment, no.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Oh too bad! I am sure they will knock down your door soon!

Lynn B. His confessional door, Eve?

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps LOL!!! I know I would be there!!!

Lynn B. Eve is committing as many sins as possible in order to be in the confessional a long time with Antonio.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps {action} getting out rosary

QUESTION: What background are you? Do you have any siblings?

Nick Kiriazis I'm half Greek, and half French and German.

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Nick I hope we made you first trip into cyberspace painless and you are having a great time!!

Elissa Just want to say thanks for taking your time to be with us

Nick Kiriazis Thank you everybody! :-)

evans37 This is the best chat I have ever been to. Thank you for being here

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps And I want to thank you on behalf of all of us for taking the time to come out and chat with us And we want to give you the fans a big hand for providing some great questions for Nick tonight!!

Lynn B. Yes, thank you Nick, come back and see us, ANYTIME!!!

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps Give yourselves a big round of applause!!

Lynn B. {action:} applauds fervently

Steph Thanks to Nick for taking the time to be here!

Elissa This is the best chat and you guys are cool

Hannisesb Yeah... Thank you! Happy it was the BEST chat

Evelyn/eDrive SoapsThank you all for coming out tonight!! Please be sure to check out the boards!!!

Lynn B. We want your comments and ideas!

Evelyn/eDrive Soaps We look forward to seeing you all on Sunset Beach!!!

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Etape 7 - Sous les décombres

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PostPosted: Mon 5 May - 13:45 (2014)    Post subject: Articles / Interview (Anglais) Reply with quote

Merci pour les articles  Happy . Je les connais pour la plupart de vue mais je me suis jamais attardé dessus.
Mais comme en ce moment je suis en manque de Nick (d'actualité) Embarassed je vais essayer de lire tout ça Happy .
_________________ ; ;
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Etape 6 - Tentations

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PostPosted: Mon 5 May - 20:44 (2014)    Post subject: Articles / Interview (Anglais) Reply with quote

C'était pas la peine de mettre "d'actualités" entre parenthèses. On se doute bien que tu es pas en manque de lui physiquement  MDR . A moins que tu nous ai caché ça  MDR
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PostPosted: Tue 6 May - 19:21 (2014)    Post subject: Articles / Interview (Anglais) Reply with quote

Tous ces articles étaient très intéressants pour moi. Je suis à la pêche aux informations depuis un petit moment... vous comprendrez mieux pourquoi quand vous aurez découvert ma fanfic du coup ! Clin d'oeil
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Etape 7 - Sous les décombres

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PostPosted: Wed 7 May - 11:41 (2014)    Post subject: Articles / Interview (Anglais) Reply with quote

Ah ah c'est ce que je me suis dit en lisant ta fic' sur le forum de SB Happy .
C'est cool que tu te sois bien documenté Cool .
_________________ ; ;
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